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“Boundless love means to experience a love beyond what you originally thought possible in marriage. In Matthew, Jesus says that church members should forgive each other ‘seventy times seven times’ (18:22), a number that symbolizes boundlessness.”

--Christina and Javier Llerena

Why Boundless Love? Both Javier and I struggled with dating and relationships before we met one another. We tried to find “the perfect match” out of loneliness and fear of being alone. We both lacked self-awareness and learned from our mistakes. Finally, we met after being set up by mutual friends in our early 30s and it was an instantaneous connection!

We had done a lot of soul-searching and faith-building, but we were just in the beginning of a lifetime journey. We had an amazing courtship and engagement, after four years of marriage, we crashed and burned. We were blind-sighted by challenges after we had our second daughter.

Christina suffered from postpartum depression and Javier was unearthing feelings of losing his mother at age two, his father at age thirteen and years in an orphanage. Our marriage hit rock bottom and after almost separating and divorcing, we went to God to find strength and a way to heal.

Due to that pain and subsequent growth, we know first hand how hard it is to get married and stay married. We want to serve singles and couples who seek intimacy and may have struggled to get it and/or keep it.

We both knew that we were each other’s soul mates, but we did not know that we really needed God more than ourselves to be whole. No one can fill you but God. Not even your spouse.

Our faith has been our therapy, our medicine, and our remedy. And, now we are called to share His Boundless Love. In our book, Boundless Love: Healing Your Marriage Before It Begins, we uncover this personal truth as to help others in their marriage journey.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit faith-based ministry.

Thuy & Jeffrey

Christina & Javier’s testimonies about marriage could have intimidated us (we weren’t even engaged at the time), but their vulnerability really managed to touch us instead. We realized the gravity and tests that could be on this journey together, but how beautiful it would be guided by God and with the support of other married couples. So Christina & Javier, thank you for sharing your most challenging times to help us discern by witnessing the real married life.

Candy & Jonathan

Javier and Christina truly shared themselves with us - their personal and relational joys, triumphs, faith journeys, challenges, and learning experiences. Their transparency was encouraging and humbling. Christina and Javier’s presentations were well prepared with factual details, relevant anecdotes, and practical and personal examples. Some topics which initially seemed like “tough topics” to discuss, now seemed to have an attainable goal to work towards. It was an honor to have them share a part of themselves and their lives with us. Their faith and vocation journey made a beautiful impact on us, and lead us to ask them to be our God-parents for the sacrament of Matrimony, to which they accepted!

Christy & Wil

During our marriage preparation, Javier and Christina helped us and reminded us to always stay open in communication and have the patience for the other person. They were amazing examples of this for us both personally and through the retreat. Now, in our marriage, we are reminded of this when we are frustrated with each other and continue to look back on other pieces of advice they shared with us in our marriage prep journey. We are grateful to have them as mentors in life and marriage!

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