Episode 10: Your Marriage Your Response-ability

Do you believe that you have the power to improve your marriage? Cody Butler is the founder of “The Better Marriage” and the creator of the “Marriage Recovery Program”and is teaching couples how to repair, restore, and rebuild intimacy, communication, and love in their marriage. He’s also the author #1 Best Selling Author of “Cut The B.S – A No-Nonsense Guide To Happiness”. Cody has been featured on Fox, ABC, and NBC and has worked with over 2000 people to date.

In this no-nonsense, real talk episode, Cody shares his empowering and inspiring of his personal rock bottom early in marriage and how he battled addiction, took back his choices, and renewedhis life and marriagein the process. Come hear how hope is alwayspossible and how even the most broken marriage or circumstances can turn around.

For more information on Cody and how he’s helping couples get the skills needed to succeed, check out his website:https://www.bettermarriage.com.au/for more details and resources.

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