Episode 11: The Three Rules of Marriage

What if you could transform your marriage with three simple rules? What if your relationship is easier to transform than you think?

What is one of these rules that could change your life?

Easy to remember but challenging to implement, Bill Carmody shares his insight and training in mental fitness and personal discipline in our podcast interview offering hope and practical tips for the most important relationship in your life. He breaks down how you can reframe your current frustrations and even perceived failures to increase joy and mastery.

An entrepreneur married for twenty years, Bill and his wife, Elena, celebrated their 20th anniversary and wrote a book as their gift to the world. As parents of two teenage boys, they know the importance of keeping passion and romance in their marriage. They attribute their two decades of deeply loving each other to the daily practices outlined in The Three Rules of Marriage.

Download the first two chapters of their book for free here and you will access their articles upcoming workshops and other amazing resources on resolving resentment, owning your own growth, and using appreciation as a superpower. For more about Bill and Elena’s workbook and other offerings go to www.threerulesofmarriage.com

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