Episode 12: “When Love is Angry: A Memoir from the Other Side of Mental Illness”

Have you ever encountered an obstacle in your marriage that you thought you could not overcome?

Have you ever been forced to spiritually surrender a situation to God so a brighter future could materialize?

Have you ever considered that being right was causing you to be unkind in your relationships?

In a dynamic, transparent, and courageous conversation, Ruth and Maurice Griffin open up about their marriage and faith journey that led them to write a book, “When Love is Angry: A Memoir from the Other Side of Mental Illness” about their coping with Ruth’s mental illness and their faith leading them to heal their marriage.

Come listen to Maurice and Ruth, both entrepreneurs with four grown children, and how they transformed themselves, their marriage, and their lives. They share encouragement for how “listening for the details” in a relationship can pull you out of a rut, resentment, and damaging patterns that can linger for years.

After getting to the point of not even talking, they co-authored a book about their journey that ultimately redefined their next steps in their faith and put their marriage back together at a higher level which they both admit they never thought was possible.

Check out this down-to-earth, real conversation about facing mental illness, focusing on God as the source of healing and letting go of having to fix or control your circumstances or spouse. Their book, “When Love is Angry: A Memoir from the Other Side of Mental Illness” is available here.

Find out more about Maurices’ homemade barbeque sauce here. Ruh heads a full-service vanity press that offers publishing, graphic design, and writing services. Find out how Ruth lifts up new authors with her publishing services here. She also is a cohost of Authors Up, a streaming radio show that provides a platform for new, established, and aspiring authors.

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