Episode 5: Finding Out Your Individual and Team Preferences to Strengthen and Inspire Your Marriage

“Cafecito for Two”☕with John Thomas, “Inspire Your Marriage”

Topic:✴Finding Out Your Individual and Team Preferences to Strengthen and Inspire Your Marriage✴

What You Will Learn:

❤Understand both team & independent qualities in our spouse and marriage

❤How small tweaks in expectations can prevent conflict and build intimacy

❤A quiz to assess which qualities you prefer and need from your partner

About John Thomas: 🗯

John Thomas wrote, Inspire Your Marriage to help couples with the communication, connection, and passion in their marriage. It’s based on the concept that people want to be united as a team without losing each other’s individuality.

After years of listening to what people wanted in their relationship, he realized there were 5 “Independent” qualities and 5 “Team” qualities that people commonly said were attractive to see in their partner. But people found 1 of each quality to be most appealing to them when their partner displayed it.

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