Episode 8: Empathy Vs. Enabling

How do we take care of ourselves and our spouses during the holidays? So much of walking through this season which can trigger past trauma requires faith. We cannot always see what we desire or wish for in others, in our relationships, in ourselves but we pray and hope for better. We lean on faith when we remember the reason for the season: our relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is vital to cultivate empathy in our marriages. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. To walk in their shoes and so healthy marriages require this capacity, ability to love others in a parallel form. Yet boundaries get blurred and lines can get crossed easily, over time and over years. Or even from the start of the relationship.

The holidays can be a challenge to negotiate family time, traditions, and expectations. To understand our partners’ needs and uphold our own. How can we better discern what is giving out of empathy versus giving up out of enabling?

We are precious children of God. We deserve the best as does our partner but our job is to remember that our faith will lead us to the right holiday path no matter our circumstances.

Come join Christina Llerena, co-author of Boundless Love: Healing Marriage Before It Begins talk about the distinction between empathy and enabling in your marriage especially as it may come up during

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