How to Not Get Divorced during a Quarantine

One of the biggest challenges of surviving COVID-19 is enduring the continual stress of lockdown measures as well as the considerable increase of time and proximity with loved ones. And, yes, that includes one’s spouse! (Let alone, one’s kids.)

As many of us may have previously thought that it was great to have more time with our significant other, the context of that time and situation can make all the difference. Did you know that many people are at their max of “quarantine aka lockdown fatigue?” It’s an inevitable stress reaction of having your social life and work routine let alone financial resources be in flux and limitation for so long.

So how do you NOT get divorced after all this?!  How do you not lose it with your kids over remote learning homework on a weekly if not daily basis? How do you battled boredom, maintain personal hygiene, and not get a big bad attitude at some point in the day? 

The only way through anything is to face it and to not go in alone. Armor up with your faith. When you approach this open time as an opportunity to go inward and spiritually surrender to the Creator,  you become willing to not take responsibility for other people’s feelings or experiences. This is a key lesson in a healthy marriage and family life. 

Meditate, pray, eat well, take walks alone, and with others. Read, garden, hike, sing–do things that you can find time for now that you didn’t before. Create openings in your day to take frequent breaks so you and walk away from the technology trance and be fully present in your body and home. 

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