Boundless Love offers
relationship assessments, virtual
and in-person workshops creating
life-changing marriages.

By taking a Prepare and Enrich assessment, you will find out your “relationship baseline” and where you have strengths and challenge areas. You can choose a full assessment with two debrief sessions or go into more detail with eight follow up sessions.

Our online and in-person workshop topics are customized and include marriage preparation, navigating crises, healthy communication, enhancing intimacy and putting faith at the center of your relationship.

Does this Sound Like You?

Two separate wedding rings next to the word "divorce"
  • Do you seek emotional support in preparing for marriage ?

  • Do you feel like your current relationship is stalled, stressed or struggling and needs a reboot?

  • Do you feel like you tried therapy but need an objective assessment of your relationship strengths and obstacles?

  • Do you want to avoid separation and divorce now or in the future?

Imagine if you could ...

Feel romance

and curiosity with
your spouse


and resolve conflicts in an effective and timely way

Be role

for your children, friends and family members

Experience deeper love

intimacy, affection and trust in your relationship


Prepare and Enrich Relationship Online Assessments


Known as a leading relationship inventory, PREPARE/ENRICH is called a “program” because it contains both a couples assessment and a feedback process. The program teaches the couple relationship skills like communication and conflict resolution while providing key plans and continued growth.

The goal of the program is to help premarital couples prepare for marriage (PREPARE) and married couples enrich their marriage (ENRICH) by increasing their awareness of relationship strengths and growth areas and providing them with skills to improve their relationship.
(Olson, 2012)

Prepare and Enrich is best for Couples who want:

  • Life-giving and life-changing marriages

  • Healthy communication skills & conflict resolution

  • Deepened love and intimacy

  • Ongoing trust & confidence in the relationship

  • Unbridled hope for the future

See What’s Included...

boundless love book


Boundless Love: Healing Your Marriage Before It Begins

So that you can prepare for marriage with our personalized testimony and account of how faith transformed our marriage and shifted our breakdown to our breakthrough.


So that you can build your faith while learning more about yourselves and communication skills to take your relationship to the next level of intimacy and fulfillment.

Action Guide Square


So you can assess where your relationship stands, your biggest challenges, your greatest strengths and gifts as a couple and take on deepening your relationship now.

Relationship Questionnaire

So you can assess where your relationship stands, your biggest challenges, your greatest strengths and gifts as a couple and take on deepening your relationship now.

You Also Get
These Bonuses:

  • The first chapter of our book for quick insights

  • "Power of Forgiveness in Marriage" article on how to let go of the past

  • Tips on how to apply Prepare and Enrich to any marriage now for amazing results!


How Will You Feel to Have Less Conflict and More Intimacy?

You will never regret saving your marriage. You will never wish that you didn’t prepare for this lifetime commitment. Prepare and Enrich will show you exactly where and how you can turn around your relationship by leveraging your faith as a basis for transformational, interpersonal growth and spiritual healing. You will no longer contemplate divorce or separation and look forward to all the goals and dreams you share with your spouse. Come create “boundless love” in your relationship now!


Emotional and Spiritual Preparation for your Marriage

When you tackle big topics, you get
big returns on increased trust, communication and validation
of intimacy.


Reignited Intimacy and Hope for your Marriage

When you are stuck in a rut and feel alone in your marriage, you need to get a wider, deeper perspective on what is possible in order to heal and create something new.


Improved Communication and Navigation of Conflict

No more screaming matches, silent treatment or stuffed resentments. Investing in your marriage sidesteps conflict, prevents conflict and invests in the person you love the most.

Get Started Today with Three
Flexible Options

Package 1

Online Relationship Assessment and 2 Feedback Sessions on Strengths and Challenge Areas and Debrief Price

Package 2

Online Relationship Assessment and 8 Feedback Sessions on Strengths and Challenge Areas Price

Package 3

Virtual and In-Person

We will offer you a 100% refund if you are not guaranteed with our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other clients were able to achieve:

  • The ability to "fight fair"

  • Renewed faith in God and each other

  • Clear financial goals

  • Commitment to finding ongoing personal development and growth

During our marriage preparation, Javier and Christina helped us and reminded us to always stay open in communication and have patience for the other person. They were amazing examples of this for us both personally and through the retreat. Now, in our marriage, we are reminded of this when we are frustrated with each other and continue to look back on other pieces of advice they shared with us in our marriage prep journey. We are grateful to have them as mentors in life and marriage!

Christy & Wil

Make Your Marriage a Priority

  • Don't let your marriage or relationship fade or fail.

  • Just a little support can go a long way in improving your marriage and renewing your faith and commitment in one another.

  • You deserve it. Your marriage deserves it. Make the move now to prevent crisis later.