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What are the main ingredients of a fulfilled and healthy marriage? We say, faith, your personal healing, and living out God’s plan--together. It’s no easy ride but with God--anything is possible. No challenge is insurmountable.

At Boundless Love, we understand the daily challenges of marriage and support couples in actively bringing God to the forefront of their marriage. We support their respective pre-marriage and post-marriage journeys by offering services that inspire, heal and offer reflective time with God and one another.

We are all growing in our relationships. There are many seasons of growth and some are best served with support. Couples do not need to feel alone or isolated! Leaning on our faith creates massive and miraculous strength.

Our Boundless Love ministry supports couples with:


Premarital Spiritual Guidance

“We thought we were ready for marriage.  What an eye-opener!  Now, we’re actually ready.”

“Every engaged couple needs this.  The session on expectations alone was worth it.”

Premarital Spiritual Guidance expedites couples’ ability to appreciate one another’s differences while cultivating a lifetime of spiritual growth.  Did you know that couples who participate in premarital counseling are a third less likely to divorce?

Couples early in their relationships can learn skills such as prayer, discernment and mindful communication to stand strong when life becomes difficult. It’s important to prepare, reboot and rekindle even when you are just starting your life together.

Premarital Spiritual Guidance includes 8 sessions with a coach.  Sessions are 60 minutes each and scheduled by the couple at their convenience.

Christian Coaching for Men

Do you feel like a courageous spiritual warrior on a great adventure? Do you feel like the protector of all that is good and sacred in your family? Do you feel that you need to take stock of what really matters the most in your life?

Do you feel exhausted or deflated and even ignored more than you’d like? Do you feel like you just can’t keep with your own needs let alone your spouse’s? Do you feel that you’ve lost your “spark” or “joy” in your family life?

If so, you are not alone. In fact, a recent statistic suggested that nearly 80% of men are dissatisfied with their lives. And of that, nearly 75% say they wouldn't know what to do different, even if given a chance. Life for most of us feels like waking up one day in the middle of a movie on repeat. We don't have a clue what's going on other than feeling burnt out and lost. 

There is hope!

Life was meant to be lived joyfully. Yes--with struggles and challenges but also with abundant rewards and love. Working with a spiritual coach helps you sort out your challenges and reinvigorates your ability to face them. The answers to your confusion and frustrations are within reach and your faith is a tool to release your mindset and fears.

Coaching brings personalized attention, care, and accountability. When you feel backed against a wall, having a coach not only rallies deep support and confidence but jumpstarts your ability to leverage God in your life so that you feel more equipped to challenge rough waters on your own in the future.


In-Person Workshops

Boundless Love “Creating Life-Changing Marriages” holds personalized, spiritually-driven workshops to prepare and support couples in their journey towards or in marriage. We believe that faith fortifies couples’ ability to navigate differences, conflict and creates transformational growth and hope.

Join the thousands of couples who have benefited from our workshop. You will learn research-based skills that will dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way. You will flourish in a safe environment to create a spiritual community and commune with your partner.

This workshop is designed for all couples in all stages of a committed relationship. You do not need to be engaged or married to attend.

Speaking Engagements

We are beyond passionate about our journey of spiritual transformation in our marriage. We have been at rock bottom and know how it feels. We know what it takes to ask for help, reach out for help and lean on God in your most vulnerable moments.

Our story and our work is our testimony of how God helped us heal and change just when we thought it was impossible. We hope to give generously in our vulnerability and transparency so other couples can go to God for answers in their marriage and feel bolstered and uplifted for the amazing miracle that marriage can be.

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